John James Waters

Birth: 1807, Usk River Valley England
Death: 1 Feb 1890

Married Alura Ann Root on 13 Nov 1842

m.Alura Ann Root

John J. Waters

Saran Waters

Edmund Waters

William Waters

Ann Waters

Alexander Waters

Alura Ann Waters

Thomas Waters

Mary Waters

n, CT in 1829 at the age of 22 years. He was the yougest of 11 child ren, educated at high school, and courier to his older brother. Hi s father was a land holder and large farmer in the Usk River Valley n ear the border of Wales and the junction of the Severn. The last 3 5 years was lived in New Milford and was know for his courteous manne r and kind heart. Originally married Saran Jewel on 2/11/1834, who p assed away on 7/9/1841.

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